Solar PV - the natural way to lower your energy costs.

Your home’s roof could be saving you money right now. By installing our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels your home can generate clean, green renewable electricity from daylight - a free natural resource.

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The many benefits of choosing Solar PV:

• Save over €200* a year on your electricity bills

• Generate your own clean and renewable electricity

• Reduce your CO2 emissions

• Automatically heat your hot water with any excess electricity generated

• Increase the value of your home

• Improve your home’s Building Energy Rating (BER)


*Savings are based on using more than 65% of the electricity you generate through Solar PV.

Is Solar PV suitable for me?

  • I own my own home

  • I have a broadband connection

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You Ask, We Answer

1. How much energy can I expect my Solar PV to generate?

Output will always vary depending on location, orientation and roof angle. But here’s an indication of the savings three south facing homes* could expect to generate in a year:

Kildare 1520 kWh ( €239.00)
Clonmel 1480kWh (€232.00)
Cork 1610 kWh (€253.00)

*Based on 85% consumption @18.5c per kWh

2. How much does it cost?
  • From €4,480 inc vat.
  • 6 panel array.
  • Solar energy monitor.
  • Solar home energy monitoring app free for 6 months, €5.00 per month thereafter.
  • A diverter (See FAQ 7) can be added for an additional cost of €510 (inc. VAT). A diverter can automatically heat your hot water with any excess electricity generated.
3. What does the app do?

The app provides real-time information about:

• How much electricity you’re importing from the grid
• How much you’re generating with your solar panels
• How much is being diverted to your hot water cylinder

So it all comes down to control - the app helps you manage your solar better and identify when you’re wasting solar generated energy.

4. What are my financing options?
• If you’re an Electric Ireland customer we require a 20% deposit
• You can pay the balance over 36 monthly payments, interest free
• Non-customers can pay 100% up front.

Remember, Solar PV qualifies for HRI tax rebate scheme once it’s paid for within the calendar year.
5. What is the guarantee period?

All workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year from your installation date. Our product warranties are as follows:
Solar Panels: 20 years
Inverter: 5 years
Diverter: 3 years

6. Will I need planning permission?

A home is allowed 12 square meter of solar PV on the roof so generally does not require planning

7. What’s a diverter?

A diverter monitors the power produced by the solar PV and the power consumed in your home. It prevents extra unused power from being exported to the grid and instead, sends it to your immersion to heat your water with free power.

8. Will a diverter result in further savings?

Yes, if your PV is producing more power than your home requires the diverter will use this extra power to heat your water.

9. What are the environmental benefits?

Solar PV produces power from daylight. The power produced offsets CO2 produced by fossil fuels .

10. How does solar impact my property values?

Solar PV can improve a home’s BER rating and increase its value.

11. Do my solar panels produce energy when the sun isn’t shining?

Yes, however for optimal performance, direct sunlight is ideal.

12. How much do they cost to maintain?

Solar PV is a low maintenance technology. Standard domestic electrical testing normally applies.

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