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Demand Side Unit

Demand Side Unit

What is DSU?

Demand Side Unit is a service offered by Electric Ireland that gives businesses like yours the opportunity to earn significant extra monthly revenue simply by being available to reduce electricity consumption or self-supply from your own generator for short periods of time.

How it works

You decide how much and when you can deliver demand reduction or self-supply. Through the Single Electricity Market (SEM), we aggregate your availability to reduce consumption with other participants, and deliver all those reductions in bulk to Eirgrid, the national grid operator. The electricity market operator pays us. And we pay you.

How your business can provide demand reduction

  • Temporarily switching off, or re-scheduling, non-essential equipment/process
  • Through on-site generation
  • By reducing consumption of specific electrical equipment, such as aircon, chillers or pumps

Why Electric Ireland is the smarter choice for DSU

  • We install the necessary communications equipment, so instructions can be relayed and responded to quickly and effectively
  • We charge no up-front cost for equipment
  • We provide a complete picture of your usage data on a 1-minute and 15-minute interval basis
  • We use our expert knowledge working with you to optimize production schedules in order to maximize DSU revenue and minimize energy costs
  • You're dealing with a trusted supplier - you know us, we know you
  • All payments are made at the end of the month following delivery
  • More detail energy management is possible through Energytracked, Electric Ireland's Energy and Environmental Monitoring and Targeting System

How to sign up

Get in touch through email at and our team will be in touch

Important information

  • You can earn a revenue of up to €42,000/MW/Year. Contact us for an exact quotation
  • Payments will vary with the market rates (set by the Commission for Energy Regulation)
  • Contract duration: 2 years, with the option to extend to 3 years
  • Measurement equipment and all the service is managed and installed by Electric Ireland at no up-front cost